Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When The Doctor's Away...

I got this last weekend off of work hoping I'd be able to fly to Vegas but Nate ended up on call and working. In the meantime, My friend Mike called me on Tuesday and asked what I was doing for the weekend. I told him nothing and he said "Well, come to Hawaii! Everything is taken care of! You would be stupid not to come." As I was sitting on my bed, watching the blizzard that had hit Boston, I knew I needed out. And I knew I would be stupid not to take advantage of the opportunity at hand, so I said okay and I told Mike that I was only coming to layout and get some sun. THAT'S IT. If he wanted to do anything extravagant he would have to do it alone. I was gonna come and I was gonna lay on the beach or next to the pool. He said "okay". Thursday afternoon I hopped on a flight to SLC, picked up my bathing suit and flew to Maui. Sure enough as soon as I arrived, I got a bunch of rules placed on me. I hadn't even been there 30 minutes and this guy was telling me how long I could be in the sun for. I was only allowed 12 min of laying out the first day and if I didn't burn, the 2nd day I could layout for 15. I'm sorry, WHAT??? I didn't just fly across the flipping country to have rules placed on me! I was livid. He knew I was coming out for the sun and that was it! Now, clearly, I understand he just had my best interest in mind, but still. I'm only gonna be here for 3 days. Let me be on vacation! Somewhere along the way I had gotten sick. I spent the weekend with a cough, a runny nose, and small sneeze attacks. We shot a couple of photos, and made a few more 'how to' videos that actually came out great! I was quite impressed with the quality. All in all it was a good vacation. I would definitely go again. I love Maui.


  1. I agree... time for a freaking update! I check it all the time and it is all the same! How am I supposed to keep tabs on you???