Tuesday, March 17, 2009

And This Is Where It All Began...

Him... meaning the most outstanding, in tune, sincere, smart, funny, considerate, humble, uplifting, ambitious, respectful, passionate, extremely attractive man in my whole life. And those are just a few of the characteristics that he has. It's hard to describe just how AMAZING he is so I just call him... Romeo.

It all began on Feb. 28, 2009 when he rode up on his big white horse and carried me away into the mountains of Sundance. He took me to a very quaint restaurant called The Foundry Grill. This is where it all began. We shared one of the most fun, relaxed and calm evenings. I can't remember the last time that I literally lost track of time. Not even time, but DAYS. How did one evening turn into 3 days of bliss?

After the dinner we drove back down through the canyon. After stopping off for a quick game of pool, we ended up back his grandparents. Somehow between the hours of 10:30pm and 5:30am we found ourselves having a number of conversations, laughing, joking, and basically just enjoying each others company. I couldn't help but think that this is how it's suppose to be.

The next morning we ended up going to church together. My plan was to just go to sacrament and then to bounce... clearly that didn't happen. I ended up not just attending all of church but also joining the family for Sunday dinner. Nate had come up from Las Vegas for the BYU/UofU game that weekend and was heading back after Sunday dinner. We ended up saying our goodbyes (or so I thought) and I headed to SLC and he headed to Las Vegas. I got to SLC and tried finding a flight out to Boston. Small Problem... Boston got hit with a major snow storm and all the flights to New England had been canceled. I called up Laci, who is my life savor, and asked her if she wouldn't mind putting me up AGAIN. She of course said yes, so I worked my way to her house. To my surprise, Nate called and we chit chatted for a little bit. He told me that he didn't have to work the next day and to come to Vegas. As excited as I was, I wasn't quite sure how to respond. I KNEW I wanted to see him again. I was thrilled he felt the same. I just didn't want to ruin what we had going on. I kept thinking, "We just spent 2 days together and I'm not sick of him??? What's wrong with me?". I didn't know if it was too soon to see him, yet at the same time I was ready to turn right back around and take the last flight out of SLC! We both have such crazy schedules, I didn't know when I was going to see him again and if I did see him, when that was going to be. So, I slept on it.

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