Friday, February 6, 2009

Are you going to come and tell me not to get on that plane?

Happy Jetting is right!! You know how everybody has their own little jetBlue experience?? Well, here is mine. Thursday came around and after spending unexpected hours at the Dr Office and in the hospital for some testing, I decided it would probably be best if I flew back to Boston on Thursday night. I wanted be be able to take the whole day on Friday to rest without any interruptions before I had to go back to work on Saturday. I checked out and headed down to Salt Lake City to hop on the Long Beach flight. I had some time to kill, so, I text Dave and asked him what he was doing his last night in SLC. He told me he was flying back to Long Beach. FABULOUS! I couldn't have planned this next part out any smoother. Thankfully Dave has a sense of humor because this scheme that I was thinking up could have definitely backfired. When he told me he was flying home, I was already at the ticket counter messing around. I asked the gate agent if he could do me a HUGE favor and look up the open seats and tell me if there was one next to a Mr. Dave Pond. There was! And it was all mine! A little stalkerish?? Hmm... maybe, but it was all part of the surprise. Honestly?? Who doesn't love a good surprise anyway? After printing out my boarding passes, I sat off to the side, by the gate, waiting to board. I was trying to decide how to go about this whole shebang. All these thoughts were going through my head. I decided I would wait until the very last to board the plane and then ask Dave politely if the seat next to him was taken. Just as they started to board he sent the perfect text... It read "Are you going to come and tell me not to get on that plane?" I text him back and said, "Dang! You caught me" he just laughed and I text, "Laugh it up!". I waited another 10 min. and I couldn't help it. I walked up to him and said..."Please don't go! Stay!" He got the BIGGEST smile on his face and said "What are you doing here??? I can't believe you are really here!?! Are you serious!?" I laughed, and thought serious as a heart attack. "If you don't stay, I'm going with you! I got my bags all packed!" It was CLASSIC. We boarded the plane and it was the perfect end to a great trip home. I'm not sure what will come of this new friendship and as of right now, I don't want to know. I'm just enjoying the ride.

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